Autumnal Change

Autumn winds now ring
a choir of remembering
of soft and hazy
lazy summer days
when with one blink
all memories of youth
arise in earth and sun in sync
and come to us
as if our own again

and quiet descends
for the wee ones have been sent
to spend their days within safe walls
and learn of all that comes between
pure mind and this imagining
of all that is most real

yet love will steal its way
through each and every heart
in every sigh of vast remembering
even as the ocean starts to bring
a bitter cold that numbs our feet
perhaps within pure sorrow's feel
for endings seems so real at times
within the habits of a mind

even though we know
and still we learn
of cycles' endless variations
sweeping in eternal expectation
of continuance within these realms
of spontaneous yet magical endurance
as enigmatically, we seek to speak
of truth that heals
unending multitudes of variation

and autumn winds now ring
a choir of remembering
that brings sweet harmony
to even this unending round
of seasons' change
waiting, oh so patiently
for spring to rise again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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