Awareness of the Night

Within the night
I feel the early morning
dawning here
even now, in hours
before the sun draws near
and I find a vagrant tear
upon my cheek

for the light of day
so oft' holds awareness at bay
as we sleep to dream
the impossible dreams
of tomorrow

while awareness of the night
brings darkness to the light
of mind's seclusion
when without the mad intrusions
of the world in trance of day
we come upon the interplay
of dark and light

where stars remark upon the plight
of tunnel vision, lost to light
and dreams are spun
woven in the sun
that wakes at dawn

Will we remember . . . ?
the love so soft and tender
that surrounds us as we sleep
and heals the wounds so deep
of day's conviction

for beyond the inhibition
of our times
right here, within the night
lie dreams unfathomed
just waiting to be born
to consciousness


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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