A Way

I need to be with you
such simple words
an easy phrase
so hard to make come true

I miss so much about you
your touch, your scent, your sighs
your heart that loves so true
the light within your eyes

that shines in clarity
and touches on eternity
And what should we do
while we play this waiting game

and feel the endless strain
of separation…?

Shall we play an empty role
to paralyze the soul
and cover over all the pain
as a dream will wax and wane

when I awaken to another day
to realize you're far away
or shall we feel
the need so real

and act upon its inspiration
discovering creation
along a path so new
that few have seen the view

beyond the ray of light, a point
and angels will anoint
our daring and our dedication
as we follow inner inclination

as love flows through the heart and mind
and suddenly we find
a way…

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved
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