Away From Me

Shall I lie to you . . . ?
and say it doesn't bother me
that once again
you choose to go away
or keep myself so busy that
no matter that another day
will rise and set
without you here

or shall I sit here staring . . . ?
at your picture on the wall
and tell myself
it really doesn't matter
not at all
that every time you leave
my heart just takes another dive

Shall I find another alibi
so that the nights don't seem to be
the feel of all eternity
without you here

Shall I read and read again . . .?
your many words that sing my praise
and chase away the blues
with just a smile upon my face
when all the while
the feel of love
this feel of living grace
cries out to be adorned
and then acknowledged

Shall I say that it's ok . . . ?
and thus appease your silent mood
or be appeased by words
that always end in I love you
when still this time and space
conspire to keep your touch away
and every waking moment
of your every day away
is so impossible to bear

Shall I lie to you
and say it doesn't bother me
when no matter what I say or do
once again the where and when
become your choice
to go away from me . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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