Babylon Bob

Drowning in the history of life
he spends his days and night
upon the dampened shores
of oceans limitation

adrift at times and floating high
upon the tides of life
while deep inside, he dies
for lack of nourishment and warmth

Proclaiming to be proud
of his state of homelessness
he begs without a whine
yet loneliness pervades his atmosphere

Drifter and drifting by choice
he claims to be unfettered and free
while drowning in the history
he thinks he left behind

while the sorrow in his eyes
belies the truth
and disappointment of a youth
left on his own too soon

while visions of the moon
glow in his eyes
beneath the proud disguise
he tries to wear

as he slowly drowns
within this history
of depths and heights
unfathomed by his soul


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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