Back Into the Dream

I want to sit beside a flowing stream
and watch the autumn leaves
drifting gently back into the dream
even as it seems they give their life
in separation and in preparation
of a future springtime morn

yet it seems I'm somewhere in between
what really is and might have been
suspended between want and need
and the demands of this society
with its blind beliefs of impropriety
that make no sense

I want to love and laugh and cry
without having to explain the why
of feelings rushing through my soul
and this need speaks through the whole
of all I am

for we are one
under the sun
of our beginnings and our end
the differences are really make-believe
yet still I search for something to relieve
this state of mind in isolation

perhaps just like the leaves that fall
in separation and in preparation of it all
right here within the fall of autumn leaves
adrift within the dream of all that is


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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