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This power of affection
and of affectation
seems to serve no other cause
than just the chaos of confusion
and yet I know that mind alone
within its pristine ordering
can never be enough
for what good is air without
its elementary complements?

Water flowing endlessly
through earth of substance
growing, grounding
forming flesh within reality
and then this fire
of deep desire itself
that rises even as it seems to fall

yet still, I seek to comprehend
the all and everything
of each experience
this form of flesh
brings into being

I have learned
and I have grown
immeasurably so, it seems
within this seeking
through the many years
and endless fears and tears
of pain's expansion and diminishment

yet deep within my heart, my soul
I know, just know
the core of all that is
wishes me to step beyond this pain
that is born out of the chaos of confusion
for it would have this love of heart
gain all ascendance now

Love, this feel of truth
begun within an endless youth
of life's creation
ever reaching out to touch
and thus to understand
one point in never-ending waves
of comprehension

No matter my attempts
to balk or to step back
from this path of never-ending
journeys that begin again
with every step I take
this love will have its way, its say

and so with every step, each motion
I seek to speak of all emotion
that peaks within each point
of love's true path
moving out in waves
to move back in again

ah, the ebb and flow
of cycles ever spiraling
in height and depth and breadth
of all that is at last becoming one
within this love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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