Base Desire

Fear of the unknown
even as it tempts and teases
it forbids we enter in
to its embrace
for the unknown
is such a lonely place to be

It leaves us shaking
lost and broken
ripped to shreds
by sudden gales
of wind-whipped water
that will hail no more
than just the end
of every storm

for what we fear
and want the most
has always been that taste
of exactly what's forbidden
by our minds

Primodial, primal need
to make her bleed
at our rebirth
the base desire
to contain it all

and so we fall
deeper down the spiral
of a vortex dark and steep
spinning faster, dizzier
yet just beyond control

There is no air
we cannot breathe
and still the demons cling
and claw and wrench
exuding stench
of every lowly attitude
that we've concealed
out then into chaos
insufferably hot
yet not at all
what we might think it is

For this roller coaster ride
comes to an end
within a point of light
extending through to realms
of pure infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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