Base Emotion

A cry arose
from the Earth herself
reminding man
of Her consideration

For at just this point
in what they deemed as time
they sought to fly beyond
the bounds of form

Could they not see
within the eons of Her history
the need of form?

Could they not feel
within her magnitude
the pulse of all creation?

And thunder struck just then
in this mood of Her remembering
both the glory and the pain
of Her creation

Brought down, it seemed
from one extreme
into the other

Enlightening, this shock
of cosmic consciousness

as if a rage arose from depths
of crimson red to join white light
and turn to subtle tones
of loving power

these dreams of Earth's composure
awaiting an awakening of mortal form
in which the all and everything is born
but this time, conscious of it all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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