Base Instinct

the rhythmic motion
of a form now being born
flesh gyrating and pulsing
with the rhythm all around
enticing other living forms to move

Raw and undefined
movement born below, beyond
a mindset's comprehension
baser than base metal
as motion brings about
a flush, a blush, and then desire

to know another moving form
and feel the sense of motion
that dissolves even emotion
in its flows
and this base desire
some come to call it love
and seek unknowing moments of
unconscious copulation

refusing to define or to refine
these basic flows of their own form
and in the day, they dare to say
that culture and this civilization
are built of mind and form alone
never reaching for the twilit zones
of life's imagination

They seek to rejoin mind and matter
not knowing all that's in between
the lowest and the highest points of all
and then wonder why a feeling of completion
always seems just out of reach

Seeing soul as something universal
mighty and beyond their comprehension
even as the dance of every life
begins and ends and lives in soul's conviction
and the meaning and the quality they seek
are there within their reach - emotional

Yet at night, when they are all alone
without another form to call their own
their very soul arises
personal and intimate
to bring base feelings flowing through
this form they claim to know

They wake with a start
hands trembling as they reach
to turn the switch
seeking light to obscure every shadow
yet still their heartbeat races
for the night has taken hold
arising now in bold relief

and there is no one other there to blame
for these emotions that now flow untamed
within and all about
as even nightwinds shout of their arrival
are unleashed by dreams
of soul's imagining

Still they seek outside themselves
for some demon that has entered in
and made their mindset shake and spin
whirling, twirling, uncontrolled
unrefined by mind
these feelings that take hold
as all that's in between
finally arises to the height of mind

and they are tested by the core
of life itself
sweating, shaking, trembling
will they ever learn to bring
these emotions back into
this play of life?

or will they merely seek again
to find a form to have and hold
and copulate their fear away
reclaiming time and time again
the childish innocence found
in this dance of their unknowing?

while they speak of love
as an unknown entity
alien to all they know to be
even as their heart beats wild
stoked by wisdom
and true love's desire


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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