Base of Reality

The eagle soars
o'er distant scapes
above the clouds
he seeks escape
from all that he sees going on
within this world we've spun

Swooping down to catch his prey
then home again
so far away
from anywhere that man inhabits

and who's to say the rabbit
that sustains him in his flight
is wrong to die
or that the eagle
should not fly away?

while in essence of his vision
a soul may dream of flight
and flying, find the inner light
that leads to change
for every spirit longs to rearrange

these basics that we call reality
to improve the quality
of life in time
not yours or mine
but the very network of the mind

that is the matrix of it all
as we leap, we drift, we fall
to rise yet one more time and then
to try again

ever gaining altitude
fueled by our every mood
while boosted by the love
that brings us home


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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