Basis of One

How can we expect
to keep receiving
if we never take the time
to let it go?

We build our structures
ever larger
then enclose the soul
within a space so small
as to be invisible

What will it take to free
the flow of all eternity
into this time and space
that we create?

We must imagine this
that every step we take
and every move we make
affects the whole

the thoughts we think
as emotions sink
into a seeming other realm
are as real as any tower
built of stone

they too, each one of them
from joy to pain and back again
affect the universal tides of life

Even those who sit within
an ivory tower of the mind
and think to find
the feel of soul's arrival

within dusty tomes of ancient times
to find the rhythm and the rhyme
of life in time will not allow
the visions to break through
of tomorrows in those views
now petrified

We cannot live another's life
or think another's thoughts
can make ours right
while denying possibility its say
or keeping spirit from the light of day

nor can intellect define
the feel of greater mind
that feeds it bits and pieces
of a whole that never ends

To search for completion
on the basis of one
is an endless task
within a universe
that simply seeks
to know itself
in its entirety


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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