Battle Weary

They think we cannot understand
what it means to be a man
as they impose the anger of the ages
into relationship, in stages

and wrath replaces feelings of
the greater urge to love…
so that every time we would relate
a different way or gentle trait

their defense rises to defend
to become a battle without end
Archetypal hero comes to fore
and blind to what they're fighting for

they lash out without thought of harm
that with their wrath they may disarm
connections formed from heart to heart
They play the instinctive, ancient part

of the hero overcoming fate
who starts to love too late…
and a golden dragon comes to mind
to teach the truth that seekers find

but the hero's path would only end
the very life he should defend…
the life of soul that ever grows
within the light of mind that knows

at base and height, a oneness still exists
and, wading through the ancient mists
we find the heart, both ours and theirs
beats stronger, if we only care…

Care enough to understand
Care enough to hold a hand
through nights that seem to never end
Care enough to be a friend…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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