Because of You

If you love him as you say you do
then why do you cause him such pain?
When there is one thing that you could do
one movement in time
to relieve all the pain
and yet you still remain
just out of reach

How can you stand to know
the pain that grows and grows
because you let your fear
keep you away
and so you keep the love at bay
a love, it seems, you share at times with him
Can you hear the lonely church bell chime
his lost and desperate cry upon the wind?

Shall I forgive you what you've done to him
when I feel the pain he feels?

It's there within his very lack of movement
as he sits in silence and despair
to await his lady fair
that never comes
as he hides behind his intellect
thinking that I don't suspect
the agony he bears
because of you

yet it seems there's nothing I can do
to heal or to console
even as his pain will wash
in waves upon my soul

He tries so hard, he wants so much
to be what you need him to be
yet what he needs most is a gentle touch
that promises eternity
with you

yet still you hesitate
as if the years could be reborn somehow
when every moment is precious
and each moment we refuse to love is gone
lost upon the winds of time
never to be regained

while the flesh you take for granted
is finite and so limited
and time ticks away
while you let your fear keep love at bay

You say you want, you need, you love
then turn your back in moments of
the greatest need
his need to be
with you…

How long will you hold him captive?
as his love and his youth slip away
while all he can do is wait and pray
for just one movement
a gift and a grace
that would bring you to him
in real touch and real space
for all time…

or do you only play a game
to relieve your stress and strain
and not really care at all…?

It's time to choose
what, really, have you got to lose
but pain…?


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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