Reconciling the inner and the outer
a task of life that's never quite complete
until the ego is unseated from its throne
and spirit rises whole

to ease the way to our rebirth
for the flows of life connect within
circling a center in the spin
of our becoming

At first, when intuition meets the mind
a sense of great confusion may arise
yet the heart, in all its wisdom, opens to allow
the flow of life to enter in

even as ghostly images arise
to compromise the habits so ingrained
within these days of what we ought to be
and if we grant them presence in reality

the wisdom offered is astonishing
a gift of grace
brought into time and space
as spirit shines through everything

Startling, excruciating
exciting and confusing
this profoundness found in letting go
of all we used to know as real

Then comforting as spirit brings
the old, now newly formed
into the realms of waking mind
and the future then becomes

yesterday, but now undone
in each moment of life that is lived
Circular, the synchronicity
of being free


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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