Being Tested

I need to leave the past behind
more than I've ever needed to before
for somehow I must rise above
all of this insanity
of mind versus emotion
and simply let it flow
sometimes through
but more often just around and out
while loving from the center of it all

I hear my spirit shouting to be free
and feel it in the pain that's rising up
from my neck into my head
throbbing with a need so real
it makes me spin and reel
at the many implications
and there - right in the center
of this body that I am
it feels as if an entity
were struggling to get out
but how do I open up
and set it free?
Can I do it without breaking into pieces?

Yet still my hands are steady
and still my heart is true
just have to figure what to do
with all the rest
for once again
all that I am
is being tested…


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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