Thoughts play inside my head
yet never seem to come to rest
inside my mind
as if a whirling dervish
danced in maddening patterns
around and in between
the rings of patterned thought
that once were learned
and ordered in a form

At first, a sense of vast confusion
while my heart begins to race
in sync with one who moves
faster with each twirl
and I try to follow every spin
of paths that lead
through labyrinthine depths
yet not within myself
but in this twirling, whirling other
and then a flash of wisdom entered in

prompting me to simply
and completely just withdraw
from forms that spin
too fast to feel
their affects within the reel
of the vortex they create

that seek within their spin
no more, no less
than energy in movement
never stopping long enough
to contemplate or recreate
the affects that emanate
moving out and sucking in
so many that are startled
by the speed of dizzy spins
of a dance that moves so fast
it cannot feel the very real
and lasting form of love at all

Then a calmness descends
as I center here
within my heart and soul
again to find my peace of mind
still glowing like a light
within the window of my home

Befuddled, bemused and confused
then centered and somewhat amused
as I draw away from center stage
and settle in the warmth
of fires always burning, glowing
that permeate the atmosphere I breathe

while the scent of apple blossoms
blows within upon the springtime breeze
to comfort and more surely anchor me
here within the harmony
that synchronizes every beat
of heart whose wisdom
underlies it all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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