Beneath the Rage

Anger fades and loss abounds
Sorrow echoes all around
this endless emptiness within
as memories arise and spin

in visions as I close my eyes
that arise despite the alibis
used to keep the feeling from
the surface, now become

a mirror image, empty shell
frozen beauty that will tell
a tale of our day and age
of broken hearts beneath the rage

that amplify the role that's played
A defense built in childhood days
born of abuse and ignorance
yet leading back to innocence

once felt and known to be the truth
in isolated moments of our youth
before the rush of hormones raging
brought us to the point of staging

every move based on an other
until the soul began to smother
contained to long - imprisoned, bent
now finally this sorrow, spent

revealed the truth that we might start
to base our movements on the heart


Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved               Take me home...