Beyond Belief

taught by parents, school and church
and all walks of society
that what “I am,” the feminine
is by its very definition inferior

Unworthy of equality
in status and in station
“Worth - less” somehow
than any male
who by some strange “authority”
was “born in the image of God”

while Mary
who birthed the very soul of deity
and made it flesh and blood
by some ineffable turn of male logic
was somehow seen as less worthy,
 less strong,
  less miraculous
in every way, less important

How does it follow, that I
in pure unbroken line of fate in gender
could ever be worthy
of the love
that purely male deity
would give to man alone...?

when still
in our world
in this day and age
a female is not considered “good enough”
to play the role of “father”
no matter her character or qualifications

Yet there is something inside of me
that says beyond the shadow of a doubt
that I am worthy
and more than worthy - loved
by power higher
than any side of gendered opposite

a deity that would include and thus support
even “mother” nature
containing every strength and tenderness
holding power within a vast humility
that speaks of true and unconditioned love

and there the thread of logic must unravel
and reasoned thought
 must drift through endless void
where good and bad and infinite
do no more, nor less, than just exist
in majesty beyond the mind of man

No word, nor phrase, nor image ever known
could encompass such a deity
nor create a ritual in time
that could express
the pure dimensions of this love
that is beyond mere concept,
 or dogma,
  or creed...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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