Beyond All Time

I find myself in a realm beyond
in visions given in this sacred pond
as mind and body, heart and soul
seem to join the greater whole

where dreams become the weave of time
and resonance of church bell's chime
drifts down to earth in dark blue sky
in a rhythm, low to high

until the stream of life becomes
pure harmony as angel's hum
a hymn of glory drifting through
the ancient past that builds the new

millennium just now awaking
as all that binds, the gods are breaking
bringing consciousness to light
and light to mind within the sight

of earth, while goddess in the moon
will catch the rays of light and bloom
into a vision newly born
that rises with the sun at morn

and the heavens reel with energy
arisen through the synergy
of god and goddess now united
when through the mist is sighted

the past and future, all in one
as Hermes on his lyre will strum
the chords that will enchant all minds
and earth become new form will find

a vast potential born this night
within the living light...

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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