Beyond All Measure

We are rich beyond all measure
prosperous within a sense
of loving clarity
as touch becomes eternity
that lives and breathes through us
daring every system ever known;
refusing to become a clone
or puppet to another's whims.
as every sin, absolved
becomes a grace of adoration
between two pairs of eyes that meet
and open wide to all eternity.

Where things mean everything
within a greater sense of loving ways
as if a breeze of springtime warmth
blew through the ice and cold
of Northern climbs
just at the winter's peak that speaks
of staid and frozen attitudes;
and sullen moods of gray and cloudy skies
that simply can't deny this burst
of pure, unspoken energy.

To whisper of a harmony,
accepting every little thing that is,
for a deafening silence now is heard
in the wake of tone's vibrations,
too deep and high to be forsaken;
while breadth and width insist on entering in
through the spirit of all creativity
that speaks of core, of source,
of seeds that lie in waiting
in hope of life beyond the shaking
thunderous expansion of what is,
to reach beyond, in future's hold,
and mold yet one more day
grown within the essence of prosperity
rich beyond the measure of it all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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