Beyond All Time

This view is astounding
abiding beyond space and time
in the center of the heart
that opens out to everything
where the eye of mind
can start to truly see

the magic and the mystery
the foolish and the wise
the real and all the make-believe
that lesser eyes devise
and know it sees aright

for it sees through the many faces
that are painted on the billion forms
of energy that seeks no more
than just forever moving on
still looking for one other form
that seeks to see perfection

and this journey has no end
no matter pose or pretense
painted on a face in fear
for eternity is ever drawing
near and far
and all that's in between

the particle and wave
the ocean and the shore
the heart and mind
that still must find
a balance in the flow
adrift amid the mists
of all dichotomy

as left and right
and high and low
find centered stillness
just below each flight of mind
astounded and enlightened
by this view of life
that lives beyond all time


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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