To Step Beyond Anger

Then anger comes in waves to wash away
the joy that for a moment had its way
and the end, as quickly as the start
takes over as the time comes to depart

And I must wonder, now aloud
will this love be smothered in the crowd
as dismal thought-forms now descend
and I wonder if we'll still be friends…

or if we ever were, in truth, this love
that takes two lives and leaves the feeling of
a great despair, without the smallest hope
as if ahead the highest mountain slope

stood in between the love of you and me
and stopped the flow of what was meant to be
But then, what more could I expect
as old commitments now dissect

the whole that almost was but now is gone
as the waking dream of love melts in the sun
My life has been turned upside down
for what, I wonder, yet no sound

of understanding voice would now reply
I walk, I wonder - now and then, I sigh
as love collides with wrath to overwhelm
this heart that longs for love and coming home

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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