Beyond Family

Must I always fly alone…?
'tis then my heart becomes the stone
that keeps me from the height of soul
when loneliness will take control

and lead me down the path of memory
to days when I stood centered in my family

but age has changed the role I play
now loneliness begins and ends each day
as slow but sure, I start to realize
the parts of me I hid within the guise

of roles I played within the sphere
of the family I held so dear
yet time and space has taken them away
years of growth demanding that we play

the games of our insane society
as if the meaning of eternity
could ever come from games of win or loss
Will we ever realize the cost?

of separation from the roots of life
as we accept the lies of strife
bringing nothing more and nothing less
than endless cycles of distress

and day by day the months go by
leaving me to wonder why
the very best I sought to bring
has turned into the very thing

I feared

as now I'm left alone to face
this life with no one to embrace,
to warm my heart, to ease my mind
my spirit seeks, yet cannot find

communion of the heart and mind and soul
and with this thought a brand new feeling stole
through the heights and depths of me
as if an angel came to free

the light of soul, the love within
It feels as though a new found friend
had finally come to comfort me
so that now, within their arms, I'm free

from every expectation gone before
and here I find an ever-opening door
leaving but one question echoing
within this state of mind that brings

another change, as soul demands
a move beyond the reprimands
of times that are no longer here
to finally hold myself as dear

as in this place
I dare embrace
the truth that longs to see the light
of love begun within the flight

of one alone, who dares to soar
to distant, unknown shores

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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