Beyond the Myth

The strangest thoughts
are rolling round
inside my head tonight

I search for love
yet love just slips away
and now I have to wonder
if love can really stay
between just two
or is it that the rules
of marriage and relationship
are static and must change?

for expectations come between
all the love that might have been
if we were free
yet I don't know how to be
this seeming other
that loves
just for the sake of love
and nothing else

and guilt arises
for so many still believe
that habit can relieve
an empty heart
and I feel the pain
engrained so long ago
arising in between
the love that might have been
and what is now

I sense it in the vows
that no one can uphold
through space and time
for I have seen love die
within the eyes
of those who care
more for wealth and praise
than truth that stays
within the realm of love

a truth that runs so deep
a god would bow
before its majesty
for love is forever
but never within
a heart that's closed
to change

I have grown
through many years
of love's unmaking
and watched this theme
destroy so many souls

The theme that says
till death do part
no matter that
the hearts once open
close as vows are taken
and expectations lead the way
to nights and days
of mere conformity

and I have grown beyond the myth
of child-rearing fantasy
that deifies a family
beyond all else
for when all is said and done
I only have myself
within this solitary moment

and if this moment offers love
than why would I refuse?
a moment's happiness
a touch of tenderness
the feel of love's caress
upon my skin

and too, when all is said and done
my life is based upon
the love I choose to share
the acts beyond the care
of social norms

and so I choose
this day, this hour
to embrace the power
of loving might

for here within the night
the sky is clear
the moon and stars
shine brightly
seeming very near
and I see great change appear

both up above and here below
in the end and the beginning
of this new millennium
and it seems so very clear
just now
that I too, must change somehow

for above all else, I wish
to make these dreams
of love a myth
that lives eternally
inherent in the tales
of evolution's history

and spirit too
permeating everything
the earth below
the air that sings
seeks to bring
this love into reality


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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