Beyond the Taboo

The most amazing process
is the one that leads beyond
the preconceived and oft' adopted
creeds composed by mind alone
producing yet another clone
of society at large

Yet secretly, we watch
for signs of just a single
to step outside the roles
we play so well
and show us how
we might become our own

A man and woman love
to then conceive a child
and everything
that's free and wild within
suddenly becomes an inhibition

for a mother and a father
must be staid and stabilized
in order for their child to thrive
within this paradox of mind we live
where right and wrong
drown out the songs
of heart and soul

So we don another mask
and face perhaps the greatest task
of our entire lives

A child, newborn
lives in the magic world of morn
where everything is possibility
until the storms of puberty
tear apart the innocence
and even the coherency of time

I know not one whose yet to find
a way to guide the path
of this awakening of vibrant energy
that sought and seeks release
from that point on

and these waters run too deep
for one alone to just command
even with a battery of fortitude
thrown in

Parents seek to guide
while children seek
to hide inside
the very heat of their desire
to be grown and on their own
and so the cycles grow
never knowing, never known
yet always so intense
they amplify each need
of flesh and blood

Shall we cling then
to some platitude
and hand to them
a well-worn book
or shall we speak the truth
as best we can
of these powers
that demand release
somewhere, somehow
right now
or at some future point in time

yet to speak the truth
we must begin to feel
the agony again
of every moment when
desire arose
and we composed
yet another trite analogy
to defend and then deny
the unconscious powers
that defy control by mind

Can we look ahead for them
without first having looked behind
for us?
Remembering the heat
of youthful zeal
within the feel
of vibrant energy arising

Can we artfully, with mastery
give even hints of all
that might then be created
if we leave our staid and stoic
attitudes of martyrdom behind?

Have you yet taken the chance
to dance the dance
of love and life
completely flowing free?

A whispered moan
of suffering sings
wailing on the wind
for every night that we deny
this energy existence

and fear invades
the dreams we dream
as spirit schemes
to set our bodies free
beyond taboos once born
to be a meaning undefined
that leaves the innocence
and thus the sweet
and steady rush
of love behind . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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