Beyond Your Door

Thoughts of you
no longer have the power
to hurt me anymore
for I have stepped beyond
the doors of your enclosure

and thinking back, I see
that you and I
were never meant to be
anymore than just
an interlude of mood

and perchance one fleeting moment
of an utter clarity
come together to perceive
the blindness of belief
and where it leads

yet there is no need
for me to walk in blindness anymore
for as I opened up those doors
a fantasy of living light
extended and enfolded me

as arms reached out
in strong and gentle gesturing
to welcome me
and offer me the comfort
of complete and utter rest

like the quiet found
between two breaths
where melodies will play
still unembellished
by an instrument or voice

for this is where pure melody
begins its ever journeying
flowing in and out of forms
creating awesome beauty
as it seeks no more
than just to travel on

and quietly, I follow
wherever it may lead
for beauty's birth
is worth the vagrant pain
of each departure

as rest becomes
the energy of motion once again
that walks me to
a point where old and new
become just one

for traveling
will always seek return
as ice will seek
a fire that burns

while night awaits the light of day
yet melodies will always play
within each heart that's true
and dares to open to
the living rhythm of it all

now I breathe myself awake
and take just one more step
as I begin to dance again
this dance of life
that lives beyond your door . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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