Birth of Wisdom

I should be sleeping
the habits of the world tell me so
while this over/underlying spirit
awakens now to let me know
that something other than the norm
is just what I am destined for

while memory, just now
arises in this wondering mind of mine
recalling once again
the passage of my birth into this form
and back yet further still
into the stream of spirit's evolution

Singular yet multiplying
these moments of experience
while I, mere mortal
seek to understand the core
of all experience

A blessing that at times
may seem a curse
I chose and choose the course
of this pattern's evolution
still seeking for the source
of all creation

But for now I must
perhaps just simply trust
this feeling that endows each choice
and empowers me
to take yet one more step

Unique, this spirit
underlying all I am
and arching o'er the span
of each and every level now unfolding
and at the same time, e'er improving
every level that I seemed
to reach before

Dizzy - the heights
Dazzling - the depths
yet oh, the feel
of miracles come real
as we reach and find a way to fly
yet one more time
while grounded in this form

Form imbued
with threads of pastel hues of light
that hold the power to heal
the greatest rift we know
that of mind to heart and soul
right now within
this mattered form we are

yet words alone are not enough
to begin to express
the magic of this miracle
or e'en the intensity
of intellect that claims itself
the source and proof of verity

Oh no, for truth
is born of wisdom
that only comes within a flow
of center's source

right here, within the core
of one, the only One
real heart that loves . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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