Bit by Bit

I'm falling again
but this time I know
that I've finally learned
to land without a crash
even with a great degree of grace
so what need have I of fear?

And when a gift
as great as love is offered
who am I to say it nay?
when all my life
it has been the very meaning
of every action I have taken

To search, to seek
is merely a beginning
a question longing to be asked
again and yet again

but who or what is it
that kindles such a deep desire
if not the source
of all of life evolving?

I've done this before
I can do it again
until the deep experience of zen
reaches even here
into my heart

and intuition tells me now
that at last the practice
will become the peak
of all experience
if I but reach
just one more time
and dare to step into
just one more dream

Another step along the way
perhaps this time to light the way
that I might see e'en future
in its ever-coming birth

It feels so real, this pain we feel
as time and time again
we try without deliverance
yet this pain is not reality

'tis but a dream
that builds as life evolves
into itself
completely and entirely

comprehending, bit by bit
this vast totality
of all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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