The evening here is rather damp
but not too warm
for August in the Midwest

I took a walk in the park
to clear my head

An hour passed before I really heard
the wind whistling through the leaves
the birds singing
the heat bugs playing music in the trees

and I suddenly realized
the noise within my head had finally ceased
the people in my life
had finally stopped pushing
themselves into me

such mass confusion exists
in this man-made world of ours
that we are overwhelmed
too often, by too many
with too few to care

we forget to look at the sky
clouds rushing o'er the horizon
we forget the scent of sweet grass
that's carried on the breeze

we forget what it's like
to watch the swoop and glide
of the eagle in flight
on a clear and cool September morning
when nothing and no one
can stand in the way
of our being

we forget what it's like
to move without a thought in our head
just for the pleasure of movement
no reason, no purpose, no destination
no special place to reach
except perhaps the next horizon
or rise in the hill

we forget what it's like
to be loved by our true mother
the earth
who accepts us always
just the way we are right now
and eases our burdens
by calling the wind
to whisk them all away

we forget what it's like
to feel our skin come alive
from the touch of the sun
so intensely bright
so warm and all-encompassing

we forget that once we walked
hand in hand as all true lovers do
our only purpose to feel

these memories awakened...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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