Blessing of all blessings
for this love now comes to be
within the flow of all reality
reaching still and diving deep
to realize the secrets kept most hidden

Defense crumbles, truth responds
e'en anger and its thunder
must succumb within a moment
as the cover of all masks is crumbled
by the truth of love's reality

and life is known to dance
yet once again, my friend
to the synchronous and living beat
of hearts that cannot help
but to respond to heaven's call
here within this flesh that never ends

while progeny develops past the brink
of all destructive energy; and thinks itself
into another form of creativity
that links the past and future
in pure moments known as now
that truly do transcend the used to be

as the blessing of this love transcends
much more than time and space
within a grace that only unity can bring
to each and everything we deem as real
to then reveal what once was known
as no more than mystery

Invisible, the feel of evolution
Unreachable, the source of all creation
yet still, it can be touched and made
to feel the feel of all experience
for love's magic once again becomes
the gist, the drift, the meaning found
in the expression of the blessing
that is love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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