Bond of Spirit

We dared to love, the young and old
this tale of daring will be told
emotions rising, courage bold
through another’s eyes behold

Nature’s inspiration holds
the key to joy
as arms enfold
their opposite

Magnetic, fierce intensity
bonding of integrity
beyond the myths of segregation
demanding, bringing integration

To love
and follow fate unfolding
bonded in a blind devotion
archetypal in its scope, appeal
the source of destiny revealed

So close
two souls now interchanging
Self and other rearranging
patterns always meant to be
setting heart and spirit free

and so defy society
to follow synchronicity;
to live in creativity
and travel past the brink of time
On this day, I call life mine

Complete enfolding misty sphere
To reach for what the heart holds dear
defying man-made order, bent
to find another, heaven-sent
and travel nature’s twisted road
to find within the precious gold

To fight, defeat the core beliefs
of shame that ever will repeat
No longer bound to ritual
we follow love, instinctual

We take a dream and make it real
to overturn the ego, feel
the height and depth of ecstasy
in soul and spirit breaking free

We face the unknown deity
enclosed in body’s density
as opposites uniting find
a marriage of the heart and mind
Energy, alive and flowing
in force of wind around us blowing

The myth of life, a fairytale
hand and hand we face the gale
caused by the reality
of bonded spirits breaking free

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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