The Dream of Love

 When once you touch
another's heart
you can never be
alone again

So deep
so true
so everlasting
is this love . . .

 Endless Seas
The Beginning
The Journey 
Tears of Healing 
The Elixir 
 True Love's Call 
Time to Care 
An Interlude 
Energy Arising 
Letting Go 
Beyond Fear 
Standing Between 
To Dare the Moment 
Time of Truth 
Is Love Enough...?
The Love We Left Behind
 Dream Into Reality
 Return to the Heights
 The Difference
 End of Day
 Heaven's Gates 
Sweetest Song 
The Ecstasy of One 
Sail on the Wind 
Free Flowing 
Symphony of Life 
Departure's Approach 
Angel's Healing 
To Step Beyond Anger 
To Leave the Past 
Untamed Hearts 
Ups and Downs 
Points of View 
 An Ending
 Was It Love...?
 Time Passing Away
 Summer Nights
 Echoes of Eternity
 Insanity or Memory?
Sphere of Crystal 
Millennium's Movement 
A Greater Hand 
Fantasy in Reality 
Music of the Night 
The Magic of Love 
Spirit Spoken 
A Prayer Formed 
Eternal Love 
Beyond Doubt 
Across the Miles 
Allowing Return 
 Poignant Moment
 To Be Again
Toward a New Beginning
Hung in Suspension
 New Tomorrow
 The Last Time
 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved