Breaking Moods

Let us begin to try to understand
these realms of pure emotion
and take yet one more step
upon this never-ending path
to self-possession
(for if, in truth
we can't contain ourselves
whatever can we hope
of our creation?)

First a shiver and a shake
as energy begins to move
at base, this energy is known as fear
and yet it moves us through and through
while the trance-like habits of our lives
begin to dissipate
but wait, we musn't let it stop too soon
nor turn it into something other
than it's meant to be
(first take a moment
here within the night
to look at yonder moon and stars
and feel a soothing glow)

then a deeper quaking must begin
for the source of life has entered into being
and lies within this vital energy
so let us pause here and begin
to take a slow and cleansing breath
for fear is now condensing
into something other
perhaps frustration, anger, wrath
or sorrow that just seems too deep
for one alone to deal with
(but fear is not the path we need to take
nor sorrow an unending state
for these lead only into
the sens of an illusionary death)

Rather, we must find a way
to take this energy into transcendence
so instead we take another step
this time back in time
as we decide to make the time
to enter deep into our breath
and here, just in between the in and out
we find a peaceful place of plenty
that stops all time and space from interfering
and thus we learn
the art of pondering with grace
by means of introspection
for that very vital energy
can't simply be rejected
when the power of creation is its base
(yet what can we create
that would soothe the many wounds
that we have taken . . . ?)

but here, just here
we find that we can guide it
this power that lies behind
each breaking mood
that gently, oh so gently
and soft, even as the morning dew
somehow transcends itself
 within these systems of our being
as we transform it all
with no more than just a breath
(in and out, and then another pause)

until we ourselves, transcend ourselves
while gracefully, and yet completely
we float into a vast sensatopm
of pure expanding innocence
an innocence that knows the feel
of moving without fear
and lives itself enthusiastically
(Feel it now, this ecstasy of innocence
so new yet so familiar
floating on those white and billowing
soft sweet clouds of all remembering)

Sometimes then, an urge arises too
an urge to just increase
a speed of paces taken
within the force of day's activity
in the wont of worn-out habits
'tis like a skin that must be shed
if we are to continue into being
yet we must not move too fast
when just a pause is all we need
at times like these along the way
and this energy is not yet ready
for release into the wider world
where life expands into unending motion
(yet never must we ever think
to hold it back completely
but rather, we must make the time
to understand it all and each affect
the particle and wave
the rise and then the fall
of all this universal healing energy)

Let us now, in all awareness
having reached a point of true awareness
begin to just regress a bit
back to a time when all of life was free
perhaps a tear or two will come to be
but that's all right
no more than just a tiny stream
that dries so quickly on a cheek
but in a tear lies longing
for the renewal
of just this
impending innocence
(and tears are merely balm
that soothes the wounds
imposed in realms emotional)

So just feel this miracle of moisture
running softly down your cheek
like a burbling mountain brook or stream
delivering a needed nourishment
to all that lies below in need
of this elemental feel of its deliverance
(and do not think
for thinking now would surely block
the flow of all this grace descending)

Now, at times, it seems
the world can be a sad and lonely place
without a grace of light and warmth
when moisture mixes with a breeze
and so these tears must fall outside
the circuit that will ease our way
to unuttered realms of pure imagination
where dreaming is the theme of life itself
and simply lights the way for us to be
in starlit glows of living incandescence
(Have you noticed yet
how your body now can move
without a thought through all your daily tasks?)

Just relax again
and feel a total sense of peace
abiding now within/without your will
reaching out to join in unity
with everything
even as you listen to the birds who sing
sweet songs of all awakening
from dusk to dawn as sun keeps moving
slowly through our being
(Light of lights!
oh, pure delight!
this feel of warmth upon our skin)

Ascent and then descent
life moves in increments
while in a steady, unrelinquished stream
something keeps this flow
just streaming on within our lives
and the sun will never compromise our course
but rather lends supernal joy and warmth
within its healing rays of understanding
(for now we truly do begin
to understand it all
the meaning that belies
the rise and fall of everything)

Relax here for a while and drink it in
this life-force of our time's awakening
and drift within its streams of pure delight
for particles of light are dancing
joyously throughout our being
lightening the mass and density of all dis-ease
(Do you feel you body floating now
as if it were the breeze that gently blows
through everything?)

and then, within this breeze we have become
new hope is born and then reborn
in endless cyclic motion
as we begin to see a subtle view
of vistas opening far and wide
while there - a rainbow bridge is forming
just in time to lead us to the other side
(where the sunset is at once the dawn
arising and descending
at a grace-filled point of being)

but here, within this space so intimate
the east and west, the north and south
no longer form a certitude
of directed energy
or focus of our mental energies
for the arrow on the compass now
is spinning round and round
but not out of control, as some would say
nor is its center-point
unbalanced by our flight
for we dance on ever-growing hues
of light attired in shimmering delight
(ah, pure delight!
this flight we make into each night
that breaks into the dawn)

Vital and incipient
arising to descend again
an ever-growing font
of pure emotive energy
building, always building
even as it seems to just dissolve
those blind defensive walls
just when the bits and pieces
become no more than
breaking waves of intuition
upon a distant shore that's drawing near
reaching for the love of all eternity
(the greatest of  epiphanies
when our source will raise all hearts
to heaven's heights)

and so we settle for this night and day
closer still, more intimate
one moment of this life
that lives forever in a starlit night
to grow and glow just as the sun
that opens out into another day
that within one drop of moisture
brings a sense of all intensity
into the soothing reach of rainbow's hues
(a sight of such delight
that it opens every eye
and each angle of the view
seeking only this:
that we reach for unity within
these intimate yet universal moments)

while these breaking moods
become the particles
that form the waves of all creation
forever washing in upon the shores
of all we are
(now gladly do we lay our troubles down
upon the soft of clouds that float
so intimately in the sound of just one breath
that moves us all in gentleness
into the known of all eternity . . . )


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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