Breath of Air

I only meant to step outside
and get a breath of air
but the wine was flowing free that night
and all that I so need to share
arose and took the lead

Some might say insanity
had hold of me that night
yet why is it insanity
to follow spirit's flight…?

Ego receding, the soul takes hold
and parts of me, lost long ago
came rushing in again
I walked straight to the shore and then
releasing some few vagrant tears
at last I let go all my fears
to dance a dance I never danced before
as the sand became a glorious dance floor

Eyes of lightning led me there
and I dared to climb the stairs
to heaven's door
as overcoming every fear, I came with you
We walked and talked along the sea so blue
and floating, flying higher than I ever dared before
I came to know that there was more
to life than mind can e'er imagine
experience of living beyond time
where measured space becomes no more
than an illusion of the mind

Now as I close my eyes, remembering
I hear the sirens sing again
and most will not believe
but I open and receive the greatest gift
for I am there again with you
dancing in the hues of twilit skies
where the twinkle in your eyes
is all there is
experiencing bliss

and even angels sing
in this remembering
of how the world was meant to be
as spirits flying free
at last come home


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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