Bringing It Back to Love

He stood upon the brink of mystery
about to enter in a realm
he'd never dared explore before
yet something so familiar called to him
no more than just a whisper in the wind
and this one time
he paused to take the time
to truly listen

He had no words
no book, no guide
to help him find his way
but something was happening
right there, inside of him
that he simply did not understand
for it didn't seem to fit
into the world he had come to know

So he took a moment
to compose himself
breathing deep of healing air
exhaling the rush
that others always seemed
to push at him

He closed his eyes
and visions formed
at first of raging waves
and desert sands forlorn
turned to a tundra formed
of ice and snow and wind
slowly freezing him
within its animation
and there he stood
just taking stock
of all that used to be

When suddenly, beneath his feet
he felt a tremble and a shake
as energy began to rise
and yet this trembling energy
no longer held a fear
for he was rooted there
to ice and earth and stone
even as this trembling energy
gave his feet the will to move again

Just then, the sun arose
at first no more than just a rosy glow
blending with the lightening skies of blue
before its golden center could be seen
Glorious, this earth awakening to light
even as each particle of ice
turned into a priceless diadem
that simply shone
and shared this light and warmth
with all who dared to look and see
and he was moved by beauty
simply taking form before his eyes

Allowing then, this movement
the glory of creation
expanded out to distant shores
while gathering its energy into itself
and earth rose and fell and breathed
as there beneath his feet
its heartbeat slightly quickened everything
and oh, the tones that rose within him now

At first a deep vibration entered in
that played the strings of all he was
and all that he might come to be
for now the sweetest symphony
began a composition in his heart
rising still, this energy that moved
became a song that hummed itself
in chords of vocal orchestration

Eyes open wide, beyond all fright
he saw the world taking form again
ice melting into morning dew
with fields no longer fallow
drinking in the moisture once concealed
even as a tear or two
ran gently down his cheek
clear and true and healing
just as the wildflowers
discovered they could bloom
in cycles of an endless springtime mood

while with every move he made
(or was some greater power moving him?)
another bloom, another blade,
another tree was born
and the wind rejoiced
as true tone became a voice
whispering the secrets of his heart
to air that was no longer bare
as the song became a pure delight

when suddenly, he sensed
another's presence in the air
and paused, to turn and look around
to find her waiting there . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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