Butterfly in Flight

A butterfly won't ever fly
too far away from home
It flitters and it floats
rarely sure of where
it wants to land
Skittish as the wind
that needs no home

It's beauty is ineffable
Gossamer, its wings
Behold the sun
that shines right through
its solitary flight
to sing the winds to life

but this butterfly
its life is short
in spans of time
and it hurries through
its life to find
that perfect nectar
found only at the center
of a flower bloomed just so
while the flower always
closes much too soon

and so the past
in living memory
becomes the breeze
that fuels the flight
of butterflies
within the light of day

but what of starlit nights?
when butterflies
afraid to fly
just cringe in fear
not of what is far
but what is near

to sleep
perchance to dream
of life that lasts
beyond a past
that flees
just like a butterfly in flight
flying toward the endless night
and thee . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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