Care and Compassion

How deep the pain
of your disclosures
Tales of wounds invisible
and beyond thought

Written there
within the very cells
that you enliven
where all the love
you never found out there
still lives

What treachery
has turned this love to pain?
What healing can you ever
hope to gain from someone else?

before you take the time
to reach inside and find
the source of all survival
is yourself
centered in those patterns
that you spin so endlessly

and if by chance
a friend might come to call
what offering can you return
if you still burn
in the fires of this hell
that you refuse to leave?

Will the drink you offer
ever sate the great desire
that you seek to share
or will you dare?

to open to
the one and only source
of love that's true
and be yourself
in care and in compassion
with all else


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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