Admittedly, a warlock
and yet some truth seeps through
the crazy views he had of life
for truly can we travel magically
but it takes no fearsome quest
nor an other to propel our form
to an alternate reality
for this talent lies inborn
simply awaiting our awareness
to awaken in the mattered form
of what we think is gross reality

You see, it goes like this for some
we are one under the sun and moon
and one with every star
that dares to shine in nighttime skies
one too, with all the indigo
that forms beyond the darkness of all fear
awaiting light to compensate our strife
while standing rooted in the soil of earth

yet more than even this
we truly are just one
within all time and space
but now expanding
in the scope of our awareness
as this new yet old millennium unfolds

and we find that alternate realities
are so much more than make-believe
or hidden in the mysteries of old
for the powers of mind are vast
greater than the limits of mere flesh
mightier than primitive yet still evolving
schools of thought can teach or justify

yet if we reach, just simply reach
beyond those pre-conceived beliefs
we find ourselves within another realm
in a place that seems impossible
just like the waking dreams
that have entranced those scientific minds
into another state of being
where focus becomes everything that's real

and here, within a focused thought
lies real communication
for all we are comes through
beyond all other's chosen view
just as two lovers join completely
and in their bliss become as one
no matter what the world would claim
is lying in their way

At first it seems like a telepathy
for it begins as mind-to-mind
but remember here, that all of mind
is also part and parcel
of each particle that moves in waves
to become the life of form we live
and these very forms of flesh
that we compose

then in the sizzling silence, she appears
legs straddled o'er his lap
breasts seeking his attention
in an ovrwhelming need to be with him
not just in thought, but now in form's reality
while his tongue replies in waves of ecstasy

Vital, potent energy
is moving through us now
when, beyond all understanding
another form appears
at first, just mistily in vision
but oh, the depth of its vibrations
as reality of living form draws near

and all that Castenada
in his wily ways, once intimated
makes its way again into reality
when from the simple myths
of intellect's creation
we find our way back from the mists
of this mysterious, no longer hidden realm
of scintillating magic-in-the-making
and sink into the ever waiting
succulent subsistence
of pure love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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