Let's celebrate tonight
and let the world drift away
becoming more and more
the rhythm of the songs
that sing and dance
right through these forms
of our existence

Songs that play in rhythm beating
so incessantly
that we cannot help but feel
beneath the endless variation
of a mind that seeks
no more, no less
than safety and a surety of its survival

Let's sing and dance tonight
knowing that the height
and depth respond
all at once to this,  our call
this quest to move beyond
a blind and e'er deceiving
belief that never quite demands

we move into a deeper faith
that alone contains the power
to heal the ills of space and hour
combining these, alchemically
to flow within the greater stream
of dreams of love

Love, so overpowering
the walls of our defense seem to dissolve
and with it all the tension of containment
as soul to soul
in sensual gyrations
we reach and touch another soul
that lives and breathes
within the flight and flow
of high and low

Let's celebrate tonight
and let our spirits take to flight
to gather in experience
and learn from the euphoric bliss
of love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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