Rising from the grass I see
a form still lying there
and watch myself drift off to sleep
while wide awake, aware

of sunshine entering the form
and spirit, now reborn
Lifts off in spread of golden wings
to venture through the sky to bring

a loved one to his lover's side
I search the valleys far and wide
yet back in form of meditation deep
I sense ascent of dragon's mighty feat

while deeper, ever deeper, diving
centered in the earth, arriving
at the core of worlds spinning
soul witness to a new beginning

millennial in scope and form
in the womb of earth reborn
opposites in union now transcending
each extreme in never-ending

rhythm of this life in song
as a great heart beating loud and strong
with pulsing, vibrant energy
moves in waves of synergy

outward, claiming history
of her eternal ancestry
I glide along with power flowing
forming rays so softly glowing

brighter each time ray on ray
expands across the current's energy
The earth alive, aware and knowing
every cell alive and glowing

changing shape and form in time
we flow within this rhyme

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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