Chameleon Collage

(Last Update:  6/06/2005)
 Back Into You
 The Air Was All
 Like a Dream
 Of Yore
 Hand in Hand
 The White Light Turned
 Of Anger
 Mindless War
 Too Bittersweet
 Relatively Random
 It Passes
 Used To See
 More Than Mind
 Used to Reside
 Abandon Ship
 The Fire Burns
 Depth's Illusion
 Newborn Bliss
 To Live
 Within the Wires
 The Mourning Abated
 Back Into Them
 Desperate Groove
 Feel It
 Signature of Time
 The Darkness
 Moved Forward
 Out of the Darkness
 He Fell
 Tumbling Down
 We Love
 Little Devils
 Love Me
 As I Reach
 Residing In
 Within This Space
 Still the Same
 It Isn't Real
 The Difference
 To Carry On
 Early Morning Storm
 Never Heard
 This One Love
 Never Any Good
 Inner Battles
 Capturing a Mood
 Without Them Here
 On the News
 A Little Light
 Full Moon
 The Demon
 To Know
 Mist in the Mirror
 The Mirror
 Demon Eyes
 The Noose
 What Was Any of It For...?
 Lost In Between
 Nothing's Changed
 With Love
 In Future Changes
 An Aspect
 In the Wind
 Take It In
 A Raving Lunatic
 Still Repeating
 The Sense
 Within the Setting Sun
 Once Upon
 Living On
 Too Intertwined
 Mother Love
 Waiting There
 Born Again
 So Unlike
 Back Into Her Arms
 Eternally Complete
 It Was His
 Turning Point
 Would Be Enough
 Expanding on the Theme
 That They Created
 Led Him Back
 Blamed the Moon
 To His Knees
 Draws You In
 To Your Death
 Doing Things
 In Solemnity
 Seeking Us Again
 Angels Resound
 Awakening to White
 Just on the Other Side
 All They Wrote
 The Voice
 Almost Over
 An Indentation
 Questioning the Night
 She Always Answers
 An Opening
 Another Way
 A Moment of Passage
 Swellling Tides
 The Fool
 Rising Up In Him
 Another Gloomy Monday
 To See Eternity
 Recreating Love
 Paupered Poet
 More than Mystery
 Elixir of the Soul
 Coming Home
 Centered in Solemnity
 The Whole Is There
 To See Her Through
 His Own Heart
 Slow, Sweet Breath
 Dreaming in Silver
 Déjà Vu
 Of Feeling
 Into the Depths
 Never That
 A Bias
 Became Extinct
 Awakening Within
 So Much to Spare
 White Satin
 Family Ties
 Within the Flowing
 Shadows of the Light
 Moving Through
 They Chose
 Bring Her There
 Purple Mountains
 Back in Time
 An Offering
 She Felt It Still
 A Feel
 Death Lives On
 Have You...?
 The Road
 Taken In
 Entered Time
 Beyond the Light
 Came Alive
 Here It Lives
 Out of Balance
 No Matter
 Dark Clouds
 Not From This
 No One Cares
 Given Pain
 Could Not Express
 It Seems
 Guards the Entrance
 Our Insanity
 It Isn't Right
 Where We Touch
 Darkened Path
 Laid Bare
 That They Feared
 Mirror Image
 Blessed Warmth
 Divinity Arising
 Blew Her Mind
 In Her Eyes
 Silent Sound
 A Little Word
 A Pile of Trash
 Impassioned Decadence
 Inside My Head
 Live and Learn
 Disaster Struck
 Left Over
 The Dark Queen
 At Last
 A Surge of Grief
 Killing Me
 Fade Away
 Christmas Lights
 A Quiet Christmas
 The Other Side of White
 It's Done
 To Love Her So
 I Heard You
 Too Deep
A Spark
 After All
 Never Passed
 Too Great
 A Loss of Love
 Chemical Exposure
 Waves of Sanctity
 Urban Sprawl
 Gone Too Long
 The Soul of Their Remains
 The Other Half
 Home Again
 I'm You
 No Relief
 Too Soon
 Slipped Away
 Silence Reigned Again
 Passing By
 A Whirlwind
 In Their Memories
 Blind Apathy
 Patterns of Persuasion
 Too Long
 Closer Now
 The Borders
 So All Alone
 The Loss
 On and On
 Within Again
 Not I
 Became the Last
 Almost Fey
 His Magic
 Never Dared
 Up and Down
 Rare Significance
 Face to Face
 To Live the Night
 So Far - The Moon
 It Must Be True
 A Mother
 One Last Letting Go
 Thief of Irony
 Into Infinity
 Her Mystery
 Vagrant Stare
 All Enveloping
 To Sit and Wait
 Still Beating
 The Life of Things
 Between the Sun and Moon
 The Men You Knew
 Distantly Awaiting
 Tears Burn
 Of Thee
 In a Paradox
 Angel of Awakening
 Feel It All
 Lying Again
In the Tone
 Wash It All Away
 The Sands of Time
 The Ice Returned
 In the Grasp
 Dared Not Say
 Without End
 Ultimately Real
 Into Tales
 Remembering a Future
 Another Gloomy Sunday
 A Moment Here
 Moves Through You
 Chaos Lives
 Sales Volume
 Work of Art
 The Real of Her
 This Way
 Related to His Pain
 On and On
 Mortal Imagery
 Caught in a Web
 Another Height
 Weary Hearts
 Of Their Unknowing
 Around Her
 That Is Born
 Offered Up
 In Darkness Growing
 Internet Connections
 It Happens
 The Spirit of the Dream
 Heavenly Images
 The Beast
 Passions Stir
 Amended Into
 Bound Within
 Into Focus
 Rain's Refrain
 Curse of Fear
 Summer Love
 Time to Listen
 The Wishing Well
 Why Did He...?
 Let Sleep
 Never Learned
 Thus Begun
 Not Superwoman
 The Silence Returns
 Ecstasy of Air
 In Tandem
 Once Had Been
 Quintessential Trance
 Shining Brighter
 Far Away
 Out of Time
 In Search Of
 Into Oblivion
 Abiding Grief
 And Now
 Storm at Sea
 Because of You
 Is Born
 No Surprise
 Of Menace
 What For...?
 This Hard Place
 A Choice
 Shrinking Back
 She Wasn't There
 The End Endures
 Could Not Exist
 Fearsome Fall
 In a Sigh
 A Wish
 Field of White
 Indifference of the Heart
 The Strangest Thing
 The Chart
 Into Despair
 Hope Diving
 Too Strong To Hide
 Her Silent Womb
 As a God
 A Sense of Divinity
 Into the Sorrow
 Tell It
 All Too Many Years
 You Asked
 Can I...?
 Without You Here
 A Hitch of Heart
 Shared Within
 From Inside Out
 Her Healing
 On the Brink
 Never Ends
 They Said She Was Insane
 Simply Said
 For Her
 The Image Cast
 Upside Down
 No Man's Land
 Its Only Instrument
 Within the Fog
 Without a Destination
 And So She Writes
 For Good...?
 Rising to the Fall
 Of Heart
 God Bless Us All
 The Ashes
 For You and I
 The Opening
 Their Healing
 A Need for So Much More
 In You
 Turned Into
 Another Little Bit
 Her Home
 My Name Is Age
 Angel Dreams
 This Love
 Eternity Within
 Treasures in the Attic
 Into Understanding
 Moving On
 Bleeding Tears
 Death's Ascent
 Time of Day
 For So Long
 Simply Disappears
 The Raven Screams
 Death Again
 Up in Smoke
 Less Than Just a Season
 Going Insane
 Becoming One
 This Year
 Light Sparkling
 The Moon Was There
 For Better or Worse
 Haunting Apathy
 The Climate
 Too Full of Empty
 Not Yet Allowed
 Fear of Death
 It Went On
 Somewhere Deep Within
 Corrupted Over Time
 Self Preservation
 One More Feel
 The Neophyte
 Silent Symphony
 To Recognize the Whole
 It Swells Within
 Endless Days
 Breaking Through
 Never Has an End
 By Their Own Choice
 Morphine High
 The Landscape
 Let the Tears
 I Try
 Birth to Death
 As True
 Floating in a Womb
 Hospice Care
 To Share the Dream
 Dark Mother
 The Distance of Heaven
 What Will It Take...?
 Blind Intellect
 Once Again
 Wake of Waves
 Death Wish
 The Shadow Burns
 An Other World
 The Joy and Suffering
 Out of the Ego
 The Darkroom
 To Him
 What You See
 Living History
 The Link
 Echoes In
 Something More

Copyright© 2003, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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