Change of Perspective

Raised to believe that what we feel
Is the opposite of what is real
Brainwashed at an early age
To never feel the depth of rage

Taught to stand alone, away
As if the walls were meant to stay
Dividing each from every other
Neurotic state of mind that smothers

Potential of the heart and soul
Self-imprisoned, silent goal
Of spirit reaching for the chance
To live and love and learn to dance

Only love will set the spirit free
Reaching out to sun like branch of tree
Or a flower turning toward the sight
Of burning brightness, heavenly light

Perfection of imperfect mold
Reach out and find a hand to hold
Feel your spirit taking flight
Sense it growing strong and bright

Become the fate you never knew
Open to the source, renew
Contact with your spirit, soul
From deep inside discover whole

Fulfill the destiny you chose
Become the ever opening rose…

? Michaelette ?

 Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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