Chasing Butterflies

I can see you chasing butterflies
oh, child of bright and pure delight
that loved so true, so naturally
through all the grace
the breadth and width and height
of your short life would bring to be

Impressed and irrepressible
spirit straining to be free
but oh, I can't imagine this
just how your soul would have it now
for you are gone and yet
you still remain somehow

Illusive whispers in the wind
wisps of light as dusk descends
a brightness in the shadows there
a nuance of that one perfume
that you would always wear

I long to hold you in my arms again
just long enough to send
this great and overwhelming love
back through your heart again
and back to mine, just one more time
before we say good-bye

Instead I sit and sing the lullabies
that used to ease you so
when darkness fell too hard within your room
and brush that errant strand of hair
back into the multitude
that I might kiss your sleeping brow
goodnight just one more time

And then I cry, so many tears
for just one lost and lonely moment
when no one else was there
just when it seemed you needed
someone else the most
to guard you in that solitary passage
of your forced and poignant letting go

Yet you were overcome
by a world too large and cold
for butterflies to sing on winter eves
and now I chase your spirit
as you always chased those butterflies
in search of all the beauty
that you lived . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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