A Child Born

An lo, a child was born this night
Adorned with crown of burning light

As acrid scent of fear dissolved
Becoming sweetness of the rose
And thus a life, a love revolved
Around beliefs we chose

In days of youthful innocence
When father was Apollo burning bright
To worship as the world went askance
And mother was the goddess of the night

Mysterious, and never known
Hiding in the shadows thrown
By stars so bright they must outshine
The silver of the moon sublime

Behold, the greater darkness holds
The seed in womb that now must grow
In harmony of opposites
Androgynous, as weave was knit

Into a greater one that holds
Both sides within a whole

And little one, allowed to play
Will grow into a brighter day
as darkness fades with dawning light
And grows into sun burning bright


Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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