Childhood Heart

Sifting through his childhood memories
he finally came upon the ones
that really mattered
when life and he were one
and rain and sun
were equally accepted

and these memories
were made of love
in innocence free flowing
in days of never needing
to know anything at all
for to experience was everything

They felt like love
a feeling that he hadn't felt
in oh, so many years
carefree, as the universe
took care of everything
and he was cherished
for all that he had never been
and even all he never would become

They looked like love
as rain poured down
upon the wildflowers
and mud adorned his ankles
as he splashed the hours away
in all those puddles

They smelled like love
in cold, crisp air
that brought his lungs alive
then too, in hot humidity
just when the scent
of wet, warm earth ascended

The spoke of love
in softest tones
just like a mother's lullabies
drifting in that borderland
to linger for a moment
before we enter in the land of dreams
or there again, in whispering
within the dark to our best friend
of all the deepest mysteries
that childhood hearts conceive

They touched him now
like love in satin softness
just as night was falling
and dreams were calling
calling him
to just come home

They tasted
ah, like honeyed cream
a nectar of the gods
that only goddesses
could e'er conceive
when to drink
meant drinking deep and full
in utter satisfaction of an urge

Love waited there for him
within his childhood memories
just past the many pains
he had endured
softly stealing one more kiss
that opened up yet once again
his pristine pure and gentle
childhood heart . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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