Children of the Universe
(inspired by and for and through the children)

We are each a childhood game of joy
played amid the flowers in the garden
of sun and stars and moonshine's light

We are the motive and the energy
that plays, in innocence, the games
with children of imagination's dream

We are the gypsy's newfound home
in every ventured step we take
accepting all we are and will become

We are born of the truest love
of masculine and feminine
of all that ever was and is to come

We are spirit flying free
the light of starshine's glow
the touch of love upon beloved's brow

We are the dance of life itself
in ever flowing movement, grace
touching, touched and unifying

We are creations' creativity
the boundlessness of synergy
immortal in its scope and sphere

We are a flower, lone and daring
standing tall in desert's sand
born in grace of infinite heartbeat

We are the nature that we tend
the family of life's sweet trend
past the crossroads, best of friends

We are teacher, student, mentor, more
a lighthouse on a distant shore
source of ancient secrets, modern lore

We are the aging of the youth
now sung in harmony of time
the source, the awe of angel's symphony

We are the matrix of the world to come
the parent to the child begun
infinite in love as web is spun

We are the future's source of life
a hand to hold, a heartfelt hug
in bond of family expanding

We are a newborn baby's eyes
aglow with awe and wonder of
the trust of life unfolding

We are the bardic music flowing
through the universe, a healing balm
the resonance of voice and tune and sound

We are the magic in the making
spells of heart and soul and mind
permeating the atmosphere in kind

We are the natives born of earth
the shamans of the mystic realms
the movement of the atmosphere

We are the web of true mind's making
creating order in the form
of channels newly being born

We are diversified, as all reality
the substance of a new philosophy
primordial in our authenticity

We are the numberless equation
source of question's answer given
continuance of every possibility

We are archetypal form in motion
unique in time and locomotion
within eternal Day of Night's Arrival

We are the prophets of a new tomorrow
envisioning a brand new view
of all the best imaginings of heart

We are musicians of infinity
born of creativity
played in love and hope and charity

We are Beloveds joint encounter
soul to soul and flesh to flesh
allowing life's conceptual fantasy

We are the stillness at the center
point of light expanding out
becoming stars of galaxies' rebirth

We are the seed of destiny
composed of all infinity
in rites of sacred imagery

We are the wisdom of the heart
the base of valor, honor, truth
the courage born of life's unmaking

We are the blending, melding mire
of humanity in evolution
constant in our resolution

We are the Jeweled Net of Indra
shining brightly in the sky
encompassing the life of love beginning

We are the light in darkness speaking
the sound of purest beauty in the air
the sense of peace and freedom's healing

We are the poets of the world of love
expanding ever outward toward
the priceless peaks of all infinity

We are the dream of new tomorrows
the crown of love upon the brow
of realm where even unicorns exist

We are this and nothing more
We are opening of door
We are love, alive at last, and flowing free…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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