(in memory of the evolving myth
of the wounded healer)

Chiron, an immortal god
willingly he gave his immortality
to humankind
that he might heal
the eternal woundedness
that time alone had brought to man
seeking this - no more, nor less
than to heal all humanity of pain

dying, that all woundedness
and pain be healed
for the length and breadth and width
of time's exposure
within these flows of life
that run right through
each cell of mortal flesh

there upon the rocks that bound
the great Prometheus
to pain's recurrence
he died to life
within these forms of flesh
that all might then become
a bearer of this fire and light
to all of humankind and mind
becoming one in evolution
with every color of the sun

and rise yet once again
in glory of this light of all awareness
that we now bear
and come to bring into this flesh
composed this time of harmony
rising in this great reality
of form that must evolve
and life that must revolve
within this love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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