It's not a matter
of becoming something
other than we are;
nor can it be the closing
or the locking of a door,
for love is what we need
even when the deed is done
while our heart must still
be free to just go on.

Rather closure must attain
the adjustment and rechanneling
of this very love we feel
to those who care enough to be
our friends in time of need;
for love must rise and fall
and blend with all reality.

It cannot be a matter of forgetting
even though forgiveness is a key.
It's more a way of trusting
our instinctual sensitivity
and knowing that next time we feel
that something's not quite right,
it really isn't right at all.

This keeps us from another fall,
another shattering,
as we learn to trust ourselves again
enough to open
to this love eternally...


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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