Cloud of Sorrow

A lovely lady
living life with grace
and loving heart
almost singing
as she tells her tales
of intimate relationship
to life

A soul who loves
so deep and true
sharing and depending
on this love to see her through
the many twists and turns
that life may bring

and yet today, they say
her life may be ebbing away
Too soon, too soon
for such sweet love
to be undone

and where does this come from?
this cancer that can eat a life away
as if some form of density
achieved a point of over-balance
seeking only power to endure

Does blind belief
increase its sense of being?
And is it true
that faith born of a heart, of love
can overcome its swift ascent
and even the dark of death's descent?

First shock
and then denial
I watch and see
her beauty rise and fade
each day she lives within this fear
yet, too, I sense
the strength of innocence
arising, even permeating
the very air she breathes

as silently, I grieve and pray
that perhaps another day
might bring surcease
and the joy of living ease
to this ever tender, loving soul
that is my friend
best friend, if truth be told

the night grows longer
within such states of great unknowing
yet I sense the moon now glowing
twice as bright behind the clouds
that sorrow brings


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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